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Welcome to CroSailing

Crosailing has been founded in the year 2000, as a friendly service to help out people who want to have a boat holiday in Croatia, and ever since, over the last 17 years, it has helped people from all over the globe.
The approach of Crosailing comes from the feeling of its founder, Sanja Galaso (Pumpy), who soon understood that it was complicated for someone from the other sides of the world to rent a charter boat in a not yet well known county as Croatia was, without having a local person to guide them and explain many things and give then the feeling of having someone they could count on for any information at any time of the day and night, a person who was their reference in Croatia.

Sanja Galaso - CroSailing

Sanja has always thought how she herself would love to go to some country and have someone there local to be there for everything before whilst planning her trip, during her stay, and after and she simply decided to be that person for people who come to visit Croatia and want to have a boat holiday.

A boat is the best way to experience the islands and get to feel the essence of these places.
It is like floating house which permits you to be everyday in a different place, in touch with nature, visiting ancient small towns and villages, beautiful coves and feel the overall Croatian mix of nature, history and gastronomy.



Crosailing tailors your holiday according to your needs.

You will never see on our web site 2000 listed boats out of the which you should choose, which is more than confusing and often frustrating.
You simply have to let us know the period in which you would like to have your boat holiday, the number of people in your party, and then according to the availability and your budgets we will list you what is available and you will choose what best suites your needs and your budgets, and we will be here to answer your questions, assist you and help you get to the decision for the best solution.
Boat prices are the true prices with no mark ups.

The philosophy of Crosailiing is “treat these foreigners you don’t yet know as though they are your best friends and help them out as you would help your dearest friends,help them and behave towards them as you would like people to behave towards yourself”.

And throughout all of these years people who have come to us have felt this.

After the first few years Crosailing has developed thanks to word of mouth of people who came and recommended it to others, and others to others and so on around the world.
We are not on social media, nor are interested in being part of the mass.
Everyone can like something on Face Book without even knowing what it is about, whilst if someone tells you “oh, you are planning a boat trip to Croatia, you must contact Sanja at Crosailing”, then you simply know the information is true and tested, and thanks to the trust and faith of many people who were really happy and satisfied, Crosailing is a little away from reaching the end of its second decade of existance.

Crosailing is also happy to help out people who are not after a boat holiday but need some information related to a possible stay in Croatia.
The whole point of having a good referent is that we are here to save your time and not make you waste it in going to some place in the wrong way!

We also like to point out, that anyone has to have the chance to have a boat holiday if they wish, so Crosailing has always been happy to help people even with very low budgets, we are here to make as many possible people happy.

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Sanja Galaso - Pumpy

Sanja is most of the time on the boats with the clients as a host to be their link with it all, and has a great team of skippers and other trained hosts to make you have the best holiday ever.

When things are done with heart and passion that is the best formula.

We love to present our country, and in a small way we consider ourselves ambassadors of Croatia, and all we want is that when you go back home you tell everyone how beautiful Croatia is and what a great boat holiday you had!

What our guests say

We were indeed fortunate to have found Sanja for our group catamaran sail through the Croatian Adriatic. Not only did she propose appropriate craft but also identified the captain, whom we greatly enjoyed. As our concierge afloat, Sanja provisioned according to our preferences, prepared our morning and noon repasts, and ensured that we were never out of water, coffee, beer or terrific Croatian wine. In fact, on occasion, it seemed Sanja anticipated our desires before we’d even voiced them! All of our itinerary “musts” were built into the voyage that Sanja and the captain mapped, weather and traffic-adjusted. As if her skill set was not already complete, she proved a ready and tireless DJ when her guests were ready to blow off steam. And, through her experience and full service, we ended the week, not as guests, but as family. Can you top that?
Randy Wert

Fall 2016, Colorado, USA

We spent a week with Sanja on one of the catamarans and will simply not go again without her. She was very outgoing and friendly, always very helpful and was a fantastic cook. We lived in Italy for a couple of years and are quite spoiled in regards to food but Sanja exceeded our expectations and made it a wonderful holiday. Regards Nino
Nino Marakovic

USA / Italy/ Austria

I have very specific dietary needs, so I was not only impressed but delighted that Sanja not only was able to prepare me fantastic meals, but introduced me to new ideas to incorporate into my strict diet…And she did it all in such a small kitchen!!! She might not be a schooled Chef schooled, but she is a very good cook and besides she is not here just for cooking as she is a hostess and she really does a great job in all things.
Hally Cohen

United States of America

Sanja, Sanja, Sanja,

It was a bliss being in Croatia, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience and hospitality. Coming from India, Croatia was something very different and very special thanks to you. Thanks for your cooking, for your wine tours, for the great local restaurants you brought us to and for making us understand Croatia. We would love to come back some day.

Keep in touch and hope to see you in the near future.



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